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Psychs at work with Raynor Lander has worked with both individual and corporate clients for the past 15 years. We have assisted our clients to achieve their goals and find strategies for the day to day problems we all face. We work both with and for our clients.

We provide a supportive, caring environment which assists our clients to feel comfortable, in discussing issues which they find sensitive.  We assist them to find emotional comfort and find practical solutions for their concerns. 

Raynor Lander has vast experience in the worker's compensation and injury management sector.  We have treated the common workplace psychological problems including depression, anxiety and chronic pain.   We have also assisted clients to successfully return to work if that is possible.  Our return to work focus has been very successful.  Again we assist clients both practically and emotionally.

The series provided include the following:

  • Relationships issues: individual, couples, families
  • Depression,  anxiety, grief & stress
  • Specific treatment for Post Traumatic stress disorder 
  • Health management, illness or pain
  • Clinical Hypnosis and EMDR  are used
  • Accredited mediation

How we relate to our partners, families and friends is crucial to our happiness. These relationships provide the foundation for our lives and well being.  Research shows that couple therapy has the highest rate of success of all therapy outcomes. Couple work has a collaborative function so that two or more individuals can solve problems and repair strained bonds.  Love is fantastic but that alone does not enable effectively solving conflicts and problems.

Speaking with an experienced psychologist is a way of resolving conflict.  We keep abreast with the latest professional training and research findings.  We have a passion for our psychological work and enjoy working with our clients. From a personal point of view I find this very rewarding.

In the corporate sector we have assisted clients with the difficulties their employees experience at work. On an individual basis work is more and more demanding and often speaking with a professional, who can be objective and strategy focused is of great assistance. Again a supportive, confidential and caring environment is provided.

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Pain and chronic illness management

Assists clients to cope with persistent pain.


Services to insurers, solicitors, H.R. and corporate sector

Tailored solutions for workers confronting workplace issues.


What services are available to the Corporate and H.R. sector?

We offer a range of Counselling and Assessment Services.